What is the future of recycling?

head-with-puzzleFor decades now people have been talking about the importance of recycling.  And it has even gone from something that just tree huggers talk about to something that is becoming rather mainstream.  The question is, where do we go from here?  To be sure there is still plenty to do in the recycling arena.  And the first thing is to change people’s thoughts about trash.

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5 Ways to Recycle Your Old Phones

If your current cell phone is unusable and its better days are far in the past or you simply want a new cell phone, you can get some value from it when you discard it.

Recycling your old phone minimizes electronic waste, offers it a chance at a new life, supports a good cause, and can even net you a little money.  Discarded cell phones account for billions of dollars of unused consumer products.


The following are five ways to benefit when parting with your old phone.

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